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If you’re not on the internet, you don’t exist!!

SDS LTDA Offers sem campaign or pay-per-click service. Online advertising with google adwords is one of the most effective campaign on internet. On this type of campaing you only pay when a customer click to visit your website.

These type of campaigns allows make a segmentation by keywords and bid for enterprises willing to pay for a click. The budget can also be limited on a daily basis or monthly charging and you therefore control what you spend. When a customer search on google for one of the keywords that you have chosen for invert, your ad will appear next to search results on the right or top of google. For that reason you only pay for those direct traffic searches that your customers will do. These type of campaign are recommended for new websites released till obtain a good ranking on search engines.

Benefits of creating a Google Adwords:

You only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website.
The budget also can be limited daily so you always control what you spend.
High segmentation by keywords, geographical dimension, timetables, languages, etc.
Complete tracking of the investment and the ROI.
The match types of your keywords determine what search terms are top searches and what kind of user is more rentable for your business.